NCEA English Text Recommendations
If (series) and or (author) are detailed - any book in the series and/or by the author is appropriate.
Text Suggestions for Level 1 (6) - Year 11 Novels
FICTION Author Theme
2Much4u Ford, Vince (NZ)
A Little Piece of Ground Laird, Elizabeth belonging,
Across the Nightingale Floor Hearn, Lian - (series) loyalty, survival, ambition
Animal Farm ORWELL, George corruption,
Boy Kills Man Whyman, Matt poverty, murder, gangs, violence, choices,
Camel rider Mason, Pru
Chains Anderson, Laurie Halse slavery, abuse,
Chalkline Mitchell, Jane child soldiers, violence,
Cuckoo in the Nest Magorian, Michelle prejudice, family relationships
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Haddon, Mark disability, autism, family relationships
Gone Grant, Michael (series) abandonment, survival, good and evil
Harry Potter ROWLING, J.K (series) good vs evil, magic, loyalty, friendship
Hit List Heath, Jack - (series) revenge, ambition,
Hunger Games Collins, Suzanne (series) dystopia, survival, friendship, loyalty
If I Stay Forman, Gayle Death, family, love, choices
Jimmy Coates Craig, Joe good and evil, survival, control, corruption
Juno Of Taris Beale, Fleur dystopia, identity, sci fic, control, loyalty, belonging
Letters from the Coffin Trenches Catran, Ken world war 2, love, growing up, survival,
Lost Riders Laird, Elizabeth sold, child labour, brothers, escape, survival
Nathan’s Run Gilstrap, Nathan abandonment, justice, escape,
Noughts and crosses Blackman, Malorie - (series) prejudice,
Parvana Ellis, Deborah abandonment, survival, belonging, violence
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Riordan, Rick (series) good and evil, fantasy, friendship, myths
Parvana’s Journey Ellis, Deborah abandonment, survival
Pawn of Prophecy Eddings, David (series) destiny, good and evil, growing up, friendship, loyalty, quest,Ranger's apprentice : The ruins of Gorlan Flanagan, John - (series) ambition, belonging, courage,
Red cliff Beckett, Bernard growing up, relationships, belonging,
Sadie Elliott, Jane- abuse, ambition, revenge
Salt Gee, Maurice (NZ) corruption, rescue, friendship,
Smashed HAGER, Mandy
SoMuch2do Ford, Vince (NZ)
The 10 pm question De Goldi, Kate
The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian Alexie, Sherman racism, alcoholism, family relationships, ambition
The Garbage King Laird, Elizabeth (NZ) survival, friendship, belonging,
The Hunger games Collins, Suzanne - (series) dystopia, survival, loyalty, friendship
The Raging Quiet JORDAN, Sheryl (NZ) tolerance, abuse, prejudice, disability
The Recruit Muchamore, Robert (series) anti terrorist, crime, secrets, teenage heroes,
The Ring Roxborogh, Tania (NZ) animal cruelty, rescue, violence,
The Running Man Bauer, Michael Gerard
The Whole of the Moon Stuart, Duncan
Thunder Road Dawe, Ted (NZ)
Tomorrow when the war began Marsden, John - (series) conflict, courage, war,
Twilight Meyer, Stephenie (series) supernatural, romance,
Waiting for Anya Morurgo, Michael courage, hope, survival,
Warriors of Alavna Browne, N. friendship, courage, warriors,
Weirdo Taylor, Theodore tolerance, belonging, courage,
X Isle Augarde, Steve survival, dystopia, slavery, rescue

NON FICTION – Biographies, Level 1 (6) - Year 1 Author Theme
If (series) and or (author) are detailed - any book in the series and/or by the author is appropriate.
A Child Called It Pelzer, David (series) child abuse, neglect, survival, hope
The Little Prisoner Elliott, Jane child abuse, neglect, courage,
Mao’s Last Dancer Cunxin, Li ambition, hope, dancing, sacrifice,
Standing tall: the Tawera Nikau story Becht, Richard (NZ) hope, amputees, disability, sport,
To the Max Inglis, Mark (NZ) courage, survival, amputees, disability, mountaineering,