Text Suggestions for Level 3 (8) - Year 13 Novels
If (series) and or (author) are detailed - any book in the series and/or by the author is appropriate.
FICTION Author Theme
A Painted House John Grisham (author) poverty, courage, deception, prejudice
A swift pure cry Dowd, Siobhan courage, redemption, family relationships,
A Time To Kill John Grisham (author) justice, revenge, tolerance, racism,
Angels Fall Nora Roberts mystery, murder, crime victim, romance, suspense
Beach Music Pat Conroy redemption, deception, regret,
Cross Stitch Gabaldon, Diana (author) love, hate, courage, honour, historical, loyalty, violence,
Cuckoo in the Nest Michelle Magorian prejudice parent/child relationships
I am David Holm, Ann hope, belonging, survival, prejudice,
Jessica Bryce Courtenay (author) justice, murder, courage, racism, historical,
Mice Gordon Reece bullying, courage, murder, survival,
Mister Pip Lloyd Jones growing up, survival, war,
Once Were Warriors Alan Duff (NZ) violence, domestic abuse, regret,
Redemption Blues Tim Griggs redemption, regret, fame, family,
Sing You Home Picoult, Jody (author) Gay rights, marriage, divorce, relationships, Family, Friendship,
The Good Thief Tinti, Hannah Abandoned, crime, growing up, belonging, Corruption, survival,
Out of Shadows Wallace, Jason bullying, racism, friendship, violence, gangs, power, suffering,
The Book Thief Marcus Zusak Holocaust, growing up, survival
The Bronze Horseman Simons, Paulina historical, war, love, Russia,
The Horse Whisperer Nicholas Evans survival, rescue, courage
The Last Child John Hart deception, neglect, abuse, hope,
The Last Ride Thomas EIDSON redemption, rescue
The lovely bones Alice Sebold murder, supernatural, grief, justice,
The Power of One Bryce Courtenay survival, belonging, courage, prejudice
The Road Cormack McCarthy dystopia, survival, hope
The Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk, Kidd prejudice, abuse, abandonment, belonging
The Weta Shed Brian Mossman (NZ) child abuse, revenge, belonging,
Wolf of the Plains Iggulden, Conn (series) love, loyalty, honour, courage, survival, betrayal, leadership, war,

NON FICTION – Biographies, Level 3 (8) - Year 13 Author Theme
If (series) and or (author) are detailed - any book in the series and/or by the author is appropriate.
Angela's Ashes Frank McCourt poverty, prejudice,
April’s Fools Day Bryce Courtenay illness, addiction, hope,
Broken Shy Keenan child abuse, hope,
Goodbye Sarajevo : A true story of courage, love and survival Reid, Atka and Hana Schofield
courage, love, survival, redemption, kindness, war,
Not Without my Daughter Betty Mahmoudy rescue, survival, prejudice,
Sickened Julie Gregory mental illness, deception,
Signor Kiwi F.N. Millar (NZ) War, prisoner of war, escape, resistance, bravery, survival, hero,
Sold Zana Muhsen slavery, belonging, prejudice, kidnapping, abuse,
The Blindside Michael Lewis poverty, belonging, ambition,
The Color of Water James McBride racism, memoirs,
This Barren Rock Sylvie Haisman survival,
To Calm My Dreams : Surviving Auschwitz Tyminski, Kazimierz survival, courage, war, holocaust, evil,
concentration camp, prisoner, persecution,
Torn Apart James Patterson illness, disabilities, hope, addiction,