Theme – Ambition (or to realise ambition) Level 1
Fiction and Nonfiction:

Alex series by Tessa Duder
Fury by Shirley Marr
One perfect pirouette by Sherryl Clark
Spider by William Taylor
Laura by Sara Manning
Striker boy by John Zucker
Bend it like Beckham by Narinda Dhami (also the movie version)
Sports biographies
101 incredible Kiwis and 101 ingenious kiwis
Maori role models e.g. Willie Apiata biography
Born to run by Cathy Freeman
Sugar sugar by Carol Wilkinson
Lipstick in Afghanistan by Roberta Gately
Fill out this application and wait over there by Ruth Starke
All this talk about careers by Kate Armstrong
Lucy Zeezou's goal by Liz Deep-Jones
Mortal engines by Phillip REEVE
Kabul girls soccer club : a dream, eight girls, and a journey home by Awista AYUB,
Red lotus by Pai Kit FAI
Tallchief : America's prima ballerina by Maria TALLCHIEF, Rosemary WELLS,
We beat the street : how a friendship pact led to success by Sampson DAVIS, George JENKINS et al
Outliers : the story of success by Malcolm GLADWELL
Julian Corkle is a filthy liar by DJ Connell
Winterdance by Gary Paulsen
The Tiggie Thompson Show by Tessa Duder
Keeper by Mal Peet
David Hill - Curtain Up; Aim High; Kick Back, Duet
The midwifes apprentice by Karen Cushman
The glass collector by Anna Perera
6x Loud Fast and Out of Control/Nana Malkin
Now you see her by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Stardust by Neil Gaiman
Flygirl by Sherri L.Smith
Because I am furniture by Thalia Chaltas
Why I fight by J. Adams Oaks