Chinatown Girl: the diary of Silvey Chan, Auckland, 1942 (My Story)

Willow tree and Olive / Irini Savvides

A thousand splendid suns / Khaled Hosseini

Looking for Alibrandi / Melina Marchetta
On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, and belonging is one of the main themes in the book. In fact it talks about "belong = long to be" and it is the most amazing story! About a girl, Taylor Markham, who lives at a boarding school, and is voted leader, and has to run the territory wars against the Cadets and the Townies, while dealing with an absent mum and the person who she relied on most has disappeared too.

Jerk, California by Jonathon Friesen. It is about Sam, a boy with Tourette’s who’s father left when he was two years old. His mother re-marries an awful man who tells Sam lies about why his father left and who threatens Sam’s mother if she talks about the past. He grows up feeling he doesn’t belong and is not worthy of anything good happening to him. He is ridiculed at school and at home because of his condition. When an ‘old Coot’ named George takes Sam in and gives him a job things begin to change for Sam especially when he finds out that this man knew his father. Sam falls for George’s grand-daughter who doesn’t seem to mind his twitching, grunting and jerking. Then George dies suddenly and leaves everything to Sam including a map which Sam must follow, staying with the people mentioned on it, all of whom knew Sam’s dad, until he gets to Jerk, California where all Sam’s questions about his father will be answered…….

Some of the following may apply
Growing up in a culture other than NZ

Andrewes, Georgina Behind the waterfall
Brooks, Martha Bone dance
Courtenay, Bryce The power of one
D’Adamo, Frances Iqbal
Diamant, Anita The red tent
Ellis, Deborah Parvana
Gavin, Jamila The wheel of Surya
Gavin, Jamilla The track of the wind
Gregory, Kristina The legend of Jimmy Spoon
Hofmeyer, Dianne The waterbearer
Ishiguro, Kazo A pale view of hills
Laird, Elizabeth A little piece of ground
Johnson, Amryl Sequins for a ragged hem
Mah, Adeline Yen Chinese Cinderella and the secret dragon society
McCormick, Patricia Sold
Mzamane, Mbulelo Vizikhungo The children of Soweto
Parini, Jay The patch boys
Sallis, Eva Hiam
Sijie, Dai Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress
Tolbert, Steve Stepping back
Tolbert, Steve Channeary
Tolbert, Steve Escape to Kalimantan
Yep, Lawrence Mountain light

Short stories
Abe, Kobo Beyond the curve
Jansson, Tove A winter book

Number 2
Eating sausage (a short film re being Korean in NZ)