Hot Issues – yr 11

Hager, Mandy / Smashed

John Neufeld / Lisa, bright and dark
Beth Goobie / Dream where losers go
Matthew Johnstone / Living with a Black Dog (NZ)
Meg Rosof / How I live Now
Scott Gardner / Gravity
David Hill / Right Where It Hurts (NZ)
Rosie Rushton / Waving not Drowning
William Nicholson / The Society of Others
William Taylor / Jerome (NZ)
Benjamin Zephaniah / Face

Dennehy, Glennis / The girls in the gang (NF)
Duff, Alan / What becomes of the broken-hearted? (NZ)

Family violence
Duff, Alan / Once were warriors (NZ)
Figiel, Sia / Where we once belonged
Crutcher, Chris / Ironman
Stutley, D.J. / Operation Delta Bravo
Klass, David / You Don't Know Me
Zusac, Marcus / Fighting Ruben Wolfe
Mitchell, David / Black Swan Green

Boy racers/ teenagers and cars
Dawe, Ted / Thunder Road
Marriott, Janice / Crossroads
Gardiner, Scott / Gravity

Chat rooms
Tarbox, Katherine / my story (NF)
Biggs, Barbara and Jennifer Dabbs / Chat room