Galax-Arena / Gillian Rubinstein
The hatchet series / Gary Paulsen, in fact many of his books have this theme.
Holes / Louis Sachar
Homecoming: Dicey’s song / Cynthia Voigt
How I live now / Meg Rosoff
I am David / Ann Holm
Kensuke’s Kingdom; Waiting for Anya / Michael Morpurgo
Paper faces / Rachel Anderson
A rose for the ANZAC boys / Jackie French
The silver sword / Ian Serraillier
Tomorrow, when the war began series / John Marsden

Suitable for Year 12
Anderson, Rachel - Paper faces
Attema, Martha -
A time to choose
Bartoletti, Susan
- The boy who dared
Bauer, Marion Dane
- On my honour
Blackman, Malorie
- Tell me no lies
Blake, Bronwyn
- Julia, my sister
Breslin, Theresa
- Whispers in the graveyard
Brooks, Geraldine
- March
Burgess, Melvin
- The cry of the wolf
Carter, Peter
- The hunted
Caswell, Brian
- A cage of butterflies
Courtenay, Bryce
- The power of one
Crutcher, Chris
- Staying fat for Sarah Byrnes
Crutcher, Chris
- The crazy horse electric game
Darke, Marjorie
- A long way to go
Dekkers, Midas
- Whale lake
Doherty, Berlie
- Dear nobody
Dowd, Siobhan
- A swift pure cry
Ellis, Deborah
- A company of fools
Ellis, Deborah
- Diego’s pride
Ellis, Deborah
- The heaven shop
Ellis, Deborah
- Parvana
Ellis, Deborah
- Parvana’s journey
Ellis, Deborah
- Shauzia
Evans, Alwyn
- Walk in my shoes
Flegg, Aubrey
- The cinnamon tree
Follett, Ken
- Jackdaws
Francis, Clare
- Requiem
Fusillo, Archimede
- Bruises
Gutman, Claude
- The empty house
Hague, Graeme - And in the morning
Harrison, Charles Yale
- Generals die in bed
Hoffman, Alice
- At risk
Horniman, Joanne
- Mahalia
Hospital, Janette
- Due preparations for the plague
Howarth, Lesley
- Maphead 2
Hurley, Graham
- Reaper
Jansen, Hanna
- Over a thousand hills I walk with you
Johnstone, David
- The fighting man
Jordan, Sherryl
- The raging quiet
Jordan, Sherryl
- Secret sacrament
Jordan, Sherryl
- Tanith
Jordan, Sherryl
- Winter of fire
Keneally, Thomas
- Towards Asmara
Kennen, Ally -
Kingman. Lee
- Head over wheels
Knight, Kathryn
- Watershed
Lingard, Joan
- Tug of war
Lowry, Lois
- The giver
Lowry, Lois
N- umber the stars
McCormick, Patricia
- Sold
McDonnell, Vincent
- Out of the flames
McLaughlin, Frank
- Yukon journey
Metzenthen, David
- Wildlight
Meyer, L A
- Bloody Jack
Mikaelsen, Ben
- Petey
Murray, Kirsty
Bridie’s fire
Myers, Walter Dean
- The glory field
Nazer, Mende - Slave
Noonan, Diana
- A sonnet for the city
O’Connor, Kerrie
- Through the tiger’s eye
Orr, Wendy
P- eeling the onion
Paterson, Katherine
- Jip
Reeder, Carolyn
- Shades of gray
Ridden, Brian
- Lifeboat
Rivers, Karen
- Surviving Sam
Rowe, Alick
- The panic wall
Rowe, Alick
- Voices of danger
Rubinstein, Gillian
- Galax-arena
Rubinstein, Gillian
- Terra-farma
Russell, Mary Doria
- A thread of grace
Ryan, Robert
- The blue noon
Savvides, Irini
- Sky legs
Scott, Rosie
- Feral city
Shute, Nevil
- A town like Alice
Singer, Nicky
- Feather boy
Slatter, Gordon-
The returned man
Staples, Suzanne Fisher
- Daughter of the wind
Stuart, Duncan
- The whole of the moon
Swindells, Robert
- Stone cold
Templeton, Natasha
- Winter in the summer garden
Trottier, Maxine
- Three songs for courage
Turnbull, Ann
- Josie under fire
Voigt, Cynthia
- Elske
Voigt, Cynthia
- The wings of a falcon
Voigt, Cynthia
- When she hollers
Vondra, Josef
- No-name bird
Walsh, Jill Paton - The dolphin crossing
Wang, Annie - Lili: a novel of Tiananmen
Wilson, Leslie
- Last train from Kummersdorf
Wulffson, Don
- Soldier X
Wynne-Jones, Tim
- The flight of Burl Crow
Zephaniah, Benjamin
- Refugee boy