Humanity is threatened

Frankenstein / Mary Shelley. This is the obvious title.
Ghost in the machine / Les Martin (Has the mad-at-the-world scientist created a mechanical Frankenstein that he cannot control? , in a maze of high-tech terror Mulder and Scully must find the access code to hard-disk horror... )
The Giver / Lois Lowry - world where the populace are controlled by drugs
The Stand / Stephen King, most of the world knocked out by a killer virus
The house of the Scorpion - by Penelope Farmer - cloning
Genesis by Bernard Beckett A future New Zealand society in which individuals who deviate from their assigned roles do so at their peril.
And have you seen the new, very sophisticated picture book by Helen Ward, called Varmints? This fabulous book considers a world devastated by ecological disaster.
Feed / M.A. Anderson
Ads R Us / Claire Carmichael and
Varmints / Helen Ward and Marc Craste
Salt and Gool / Maurice Gee. Salt and Gool also deal with man made creatures.
CBD and the sequel / John Heffernan
Bringing Reuben Home / Glenda Millard
Windsinger trilogy / William Nicholson. All deal with society that has been created and that threatens mankind.

I Robot,
Terminator 2
Blade Runner.