Teen pregnancy

Baby baby by Vivian French

Broken soup / Jenny Valentine

Bye beautiful / Julia Lawinson

Cry baby by Jill Atkins

Dancing Naked by Shelley Hrdlitschka

Duet / David Hill

Elizabeths daughter / Marianne Fredrikson

The first part last by Angela Johnston. A short novel; unique that it's told from the males point of view.

The girl with a baby / Sylvia Olsen

Invisible threads / Annie and Maria Dalton

Mahalia / Joanne Horniman and the sequel Little wing

Megan, Megan 2 and Megan 3 / Mary Hooper

One Night by Margaret Wild is a fantastic, poignant ‘verse’novel - suitable for your reluctant reader without talking down to her.I highly recommend this novel for all to read, really sad though, made me cry!

The opposite of chocolate / Julie Bertagnawas recommended to me (to buy for the teens section) by a reluctant reader!!!

Roxy's baby / Catherine MacPhail

A swift pure cry / Siobhan Dowd

Tango's baby by Martin Waddell

Waiting for June / Joyce Sweeney