Unexpected Friendships

Alterio, Maxine
Ribbons of grace - Young Chinese girl dresses as her brother to come to the NZ goldfields and find friends and love
Anderson, Jodi Lynn
Armstrong, Dave; Kightely, Oscar
Niu Sila - play about a friendship between a pakeha boy and a pacific island boy which grows and lasts over 30 years...
Boyne, John
The boy in the striped pyjamas
Colfer, Eoin
Benny and Omar
Colfer, Eoin
The Artemis Fowl books - by the fouth and fifth books Artemis ends up being very good friends with an the elf named Holly Short
Gaiman, Neil
Jackson, Alison
Eggs over Evie
Keplinger, Kody
The duff
Letts, Billie
Where the heart - A young girl, pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend gives birth in a Wal-Mart store. Befriended by the towns people
Magorian, Michelle
Goodnight Mister Tom
Mason, Prue
Camel rider
Millard, Glenda
The naming of Tishkin Silk
Palacio, R.J.
"Wonder" - A gem of a book for all ages! It’s about a boy with disabilities. He has quite a deformed head. It’s his story of how he, his family and his class mates cope with the situation... It is well written and would be perfect for the ESOL students. Just watch the book trailer and it will give you a bit of an idea...
Paterson, Katherine
Bridge to Terabithia
Picoult, Jodi
Sing you home
Sepulveda, Luis
The story of the seagull and the cat who taught her to fly
Tolkien, JR
The Hobbit
Twain, Mark
Huckleberry Finn
White, E.B.
Charlotte's webb